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Spin-4-It was originally designed as a trade show promotional item for the 2001 Chicago Hardware Show.  In just 3 days, over 8,000 were distributed.  It was quickly voted the best promo item of the show and articles were written on it in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York newspapers.  Soon after the first show it evolved into the Spin-4-It game token, being carried on keychains throughout the world.  

So how does it work?  Just put Spin-4-It on a flat surface and give it a spin.  When it finally stops spinning, it points to the winner, or looser, depending on what you are spinning for.  You can spin for quarters, decide who's buying drinks or dinner, decide who starts game play, or anything else you need to make a critical decision on.  It's also been called the new 'spin the bottle', but we're not calling it that.  Go ahead, give it a spin!!!

Spin-4-It is made from 1/16 thick steel, nickel plated and balanced to perfection.    They can be purchased below in various quantities.  

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Watch Spin-4-It in action...

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Please Note:  There will be a shipping and handling charge on these orders.
Orders outside the Continental United States will be invoiced for any additional postage.  Thank you.

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Orders shipped outside the continental United States will be invoiced for any additional shipping charges.  Thank you.

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